Peer Review Process

Peer review

IJTE is the double-blind peer review journal. The reviewers are anonymous. The whole process includes four steps as mentioned below.

1. Editorial Board

By submitting the files on the IJTE website, the editor-in-chief would consult the paper with the members of the editorial board for the relevance of the topic. It means that the submitted paper is evaluated generally to ensure that it is in line with the aims and scopes of the IJTE. If there were any issues regarding the submitted articles including the irrelevance, format or poor English language, the corresponding author would receive an email in which the author should re-write the  paper and resubmit it. Otherwise, the paper will be sent for peer review process.

Please note that the uploaded file must be in accordance with IJTE formatting criteria, and the figures and tables must be of good quality. Please refer to the section entitled “Guide for Authors” available on the IJTE website for more information.

2. The start of Peer review process

After the first step, the article would be sent to three anonymous referees. The reviews are asked to indicate whether they confirm to review the paper, through the site. Upon their agreement, the reviewers must review the article and submit their comments in due time.

3. The revision process

When the reviewing process is complete, a review report is made on the basis of the referees’ comments and sent to the authors. The authors are asked to revise their paper within a specific period. The authors are also asked to make a report for the reviewers to answer their questions and comments. The revised manuscript will be sent to the same referees again, and this process in continued till the referees accept the paper.   

4. The final decision

The final decision about the acceptance or rejection of the paper is taken by the editorial board. The authors are then informed about the situation of their paper.