Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors


1- The submitted papers should be in line with the topics of the Journal, with significant innovation and originality, being the result of a research work.

2- The accepted articles of this quarterly are research or scientific-research articles and review, collection and translation articles cannot be published in the Transportation Engineering Quarterly.

3- The papers that have been published elsewhere (Journals, Conference proceedings, etc. …) are not reviewed and published in this journal.

4- The papers should be submitted in two columns according to the template represented in the site.

5- The abstract should be in a range of 150 - 250 words.

6- The manuscripts should be written in fluent English with no need for severe editing.

7- At least 3 and maximum 5 keywords should follow the abstract.

8- The endnotes should be presented at the end of the manuscript before the references.

9- Equations should be numbered. Low quality equations, figures and tables which are copied and pasted from other documents, are not accepted.


Important and basic points:

- The number of articles reviewed by each author can be a maximum of two articles.

- The responsible author must be a member of the faculty.

- Articles must be submitted according to the publication format in the order that follows, without the names and details of the authors, containing all the figures and tables in a file as the main file of the article and be between 15 to 25 pages.

- Articles should be submitted in A4 size with the specified margins, and please refrain from submitting articles in separate letter size. See Page Layout in Word for more information.

- It is necessary to put the following files:

  1. The main file of the article without the authors' names in Word format
  2. The full profile of the authors and the title of the article, commonly referred to as the "title page".
  3. Authors' commitment that the article has not been previously presented in a journal or other reference (the relevant form is available on the main page of the site and the authors must upload the image on the site after signing the form).
  4. Receipt of payment for reviewing the article (1500000 Rials for reviewing and if the manuscript accepted, 3500000 Rials for printing)
  5. Form of non-conflict of interests
  6. Certificate from Hamandjoo site



References should be cited within the manuscript, according to the surname of authors and date of publication, in brackets. Example:

[Ghannadpour, 2019]

In case the number of authors of a reference exceeds 3, citation must be made like this example: [Rassafi et al. 2017]

List of references should be alphabetically arranged according to  the first author’s surname. Do not put numbers for references.

In the list of references, all the authors of a reference should be given, no matter how many authors a reference has.

The date of publication of each reference should follow the names of authors, in parenthesis.

Example: Tavakkoli Kashani, Ali and Besharati, Mohammad Mehdi (2016)

The title of the reference should be given in quotation mark “   “, in small letters, except the first word and the names.

In case he reference is a Journal paper, the exact name of the journal should follow the title, and then the Volume number and issue number as well as the pages should be given.

Example of a standard reference:

- Tavakkoli Kashani, Ali and Besharati, Mohammad Mehdi  (2016) “ An analysis of Vehicle Occupants’ injury severity in crashes occurred on rural freeways and multiple highways in Iran”, International Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 2, Autumn 2016, pp. 137-146.

If the reference is a book, write your references as follows:

- Wright, John (2015) “Transportation engineering“, ICE Publishing.

According to our rules, at least one third of the references should have been published within the last 3 years.


Fonts Sizes:

Main title: Times 18, Bold

Authors: Times 11

Abstract: Times 10

Text: Times 11

Text entries (main entry or entries with 1 digit): Times 14, Bold

Entries with 2 digits: Times 12, Bold

Entries with 3 digits: Times 11, Bold

Tables: Times 10, Bold 

Illustrations: Times 10, Bold


Please click here to get the form for Conflict of Interests.

This quarterly uses the "Hamanandjoo" site to compare articles. Click here to get a guide to getting a certificate from Hamandjoo site.

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