Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, Winter 2016, Pages 171-235 
1. Toughness Performance of Recycled Aggregates for use in Road Pavement

Pages 171-180

Vahid Ayan; Alireza Khavandi; Joshua Omer; Mukesh Limbachiya

3. Evaluation of PFWD and DCP as Quality Control Tools for Sub-Grade of GW and SW Soils

Pages 189-194

Iman Salehi Hikouei; Abolfazl Hasani; Ziba Shirkhani Kelagari

6. Investigation of Rutting Performance of WMA Mixtures Containing Copper Slag

Pages 227-235

Hassan Ziari; Ali Moniri; Mohamad Javad Ayazi; Mostafa Nakhaei