Guide for Authors




Guide for Authors


1-      The submitted papers should be in line with the topics of the Journal, with significant innovation and originality, being the result of a research work


2-      The review , research notes and technical notes are not published in this journal


3-    The papers that have been published elsewhere (Journals, Conference    proceedings, etc. …) are not reviewed and published in this journal.


4-    The papers should be submitted in two columns according to the template represented in the site.


5-    The abstract should be in a range of 150 - 250 words 

6-    The manuscripts should be written in fluent English with no need for severe editing.


7-   At least 3 and maximum 5 keywords should follow the abstract


8-    The endnotes should be presented at the end of the manuscript before the references.


9-    Equations should be numbered.   Low quality equations, figures and tables which are copied and pasted from other documents, are not accepted


10.  Citations:


References should be cited within the manuscript, according to the surname of authors and date of publication, in brackets. Example:

[Ghannadpour, 2019]


In case the number of authors of a reference exceeds 3, citation must be made like this example: [Rassafi et al. 2017]




List of references should be alphabetically arranged according to  the first author’s surname. Do not put numbers for references.


In the list of references, all the authors of a reference should be given, no matter how many authors a reference has.

 The date of publication of each reference should follow the names of authors, in parenthesis. Example: Tavakkoli Kashani, Ali and Besharati, Mohammad Mehdi  (2016)


The title of the reference should be given in quotation mark “   “, in small letters, except the first word and the names.


In case he reference is a Journal paper, the exact name of the journal should follow the title, and then the Volume number and issue number as well as the pages should be given.

Example of a standard reference:


- Tavakkoli Kashani, Ali and Besharati, Mohammad Mehdi  (2016) “ An analysis of Vehicle Occupants’ injury severity in crashes occurred on rural freeways and multiple highways in Iran”, International Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 2, Autumn 2016, pp. 137-146.


If the reference is a book, write your references as follows:

- Wright, John (2015) “Transportation engineering“, ICE Publishing.


According to our rules, at least one third of the references should have been published within the last 3 years



11. Fonts Sizes


Main title: 18, Times

Authors: 11, Times

Abstract: 10, Times

Text: 11, Times

Text entries ( main entry, or entries with 1 digit): 14

Entries with 2 digits: 12

Entries with 3 digits: 11

Tables: 10 Bold Times


Illustrations: 10 Bold times


Manuscript Format: