Investigating the Possibility of Using Roof Shingles Waste and Fibers in Stone Mastic Asphalt Pavements

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Departement of Civil Engineering Avrasiya university, Trabzon, Turkey

2 Departement of Civil Engineering Karadeniz technical university, Trabzon, Turkey.


In order to study the mechanical properties of stone mastic asphalt mixtures (SMA) which are used in roads pavement, the current study added various proportion of shingles (bituminous tiles with mineral aggregate coating) roofing (RAS), that are commonly used in sloping roofing, to SMA mixture containing 0.3% of added fibers. The percentage of 1, 2, 4, and 6% shingle particle wastes were respectively added to the SMA mixture samples on which Marshall Stability, moisture damage, dynamic creep and fatigue tests were performed. The comparison of the results revealed an agreement between the results from samples containing up to 4% of waste and normal samples. In addition, the mentioned samples were capable of providing the restrictions determined in the regulations. Thus, based on the results, it is suggested to use shingle wastes according to the suggested percentage. However, increasing the number of wastes will lead to a downward trend due to the disruption of uniform texture in the mixture.


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