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Number of Articles: 3
1. Effects of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Waste Polypropylene Plastic Particles on Geotechnical Properties of Clayey Soils for Using Subgrade in the Pavement

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 February 2020

Hosein Jalili Bolhasani; Hosein Rahimi; Rouzbeh Dabiri; Ali Shafiee

2. Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Evaluation of Flexible Pavements Based on Shakedown Concept

Volume 5, Issue 3, Winter 2018, Pages 243-260

Mohammad Reza Arvin; Mehdi Tamiz

3. Toughness Performance of Recycled Aggregates for use in Road Pavement

Volume 3, Issue 3, Winter 2016, Pages 171-180

Vahid Ayan; Alireza Khavandi; Joshua Omer; Mukesh Limbachiya